Want Some More Sunshine?

You've heard of the Fueled with Heart Facebook Group... but what does it mean for you?

You can sit with us. So come join the party! We're not just any Facebook group, we're all about connecting and encouraging each other. In fact, we have 5 core beliefts that we hope resonate with you!

  • We believe that being intentional is essential to being a happy entrepreneur.
  • We believe that being a boss is hard but rewarding work.
  • We believe in collaboration and encouragement.
  • We believe in the power of reflection and self-knowledge.
  • We believe that success is defined by each person.

I'm almost convinced...What else do I get?

  •  Regular Facebook Group Challenges straight from the experts! Not sure how to write content for your brand voice and personality? Want to tell your story to further your business, but aren't sure where to start? Want accountability for Powersheets? Want to take the stress and anxiety out of managing your biz's money? We've had free Facebook Group Challenges for all of these and so many more pain points in your life + biz. And there are so many more challenges to come, don't miss out on the next one! 
  •  A community ready to engage and connect: #socialgluecoffee! This year we challenged the Heart-Centered Biz Bosses to a Coffee Chat Bucket List. With free downloadable check-lists to cross off all your coffee chat must-haves, there's no reason to not get out there and network! 
  •  New workbooks throughout the year to download for free! These workbooks vary from how to start your business, how to know what is best and next for it, finding your ideal client, and so. much. more! The complete library of the Reina + Co free workbooks are for you to download every day of the year forever. 
  •  First dibs on all my new programs! The Q4 Refresh Mastermind sold out in days, the Summer Sprint Challenge too. Who got to those spots first? Sunshine subscribers. I'm strict about capping my programs to under a dozen women so I can fully support each of them throughout the mastermind. Want to be one of those women? Then make sure you're on the list! 
  •  Diving deep into what we discuss on the Fueled with Heart Podcast! I love sharing and offering resources and advice on the Fueled with Heart Podcast, but the Facebook Group is where the true discussion can happen between like-minded biz bosses. Want to be a part of the conversation? 
  •  An inside look at what goes on! I'm learning, just like you, how to tackle this crazy world of online creative entrepreneurship. As I learn, I'm pouring that information right back to you. I've done this with how to successfully launch (masterminds, courses, products, etc.), how to manage a team, how to deal with a biz crisis, and so much more. 

Reina + Co | 2018