The personalized success plan you've been waiting for that helps you build a business full of your dreamy clients

Dreamy Client Magnet™

Are you ready to ditch the feeling of “always being behind” for a business that’s built for ease and consistency? 

The Dreamy Client Magnet™ Difference is Clear.

Even if you've taken every other course or program under the sun, I know we can help you to stand out from the crowd so that you can:

Book more Clients. Make more Money. Create more Time to enjoy it all.

You're SO ready. 

Erin P. | Branding Designer + Integrator

I am so unbelievably grateful and thankful that I took this leap of faith and signed up! Thank you for creating this place where we can all create magic together!

Stacy C. | Photographer

So grateful for you and this group, as it finally feels like I am in a place here I fit and belong in this creative industry. Makes it less scary to put yourself out there

Ashley G. | Website + Branding Designer

Reina is AMAZING. This course is well thought out and super powerful! Highly Recommended!

Do you dream of being booked out months in advance?  

Do you wish you could provide for your family and start contributing substantially?  

Have you ever wanted more freedom and flexibility in your life?

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Hey there!

I'm Reina, Coach to Busy Creatives who are so ready for the freedom and flexibility they dreamed of when they started their businesses. I help talented creatives see what makes them sparkle so they can book more dreamy clients, make more money doing what they adore, and to help them create more time to enjoy it all.  

I love a solo week day matinee movie, going ice skating (and trying not to fall), and making up show tunes in my car.