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If you have all the ideas but need accountability to make sure you execute.  

If you’ve been thinking about starting or joining a mastermind but that seems like a lot to think about. Maybe you’ve been lonely in your business or you’d love to have your biz bestie but haven’t found one yet. I created a cozy place to get SOCIAL GLUEY with some of my #dreamies.  

Social Glue Sessions is a place for us to connect, support, and provide accountability for one another. 

We’ll show you how to be part of a productive mastermind group.  

Are you ready to learn my repeatable system for goal-setting and achieving? 

  • Bravo Group - “The Mothership” of the Social Glue Session. Reina leads this group. Topic each month based on the community’s needs. Book club discussion meets an educational webinar. You’ll get to ask all your questions and learn something you’ve been stuck on.
  • THEMED Monthly discussions. According to what you Glueys (Social Glue Sessions participants) request, we’ll select a monthly theme and dig deep on those topics.  
  • MASTERMIND MATCHMAKER will match you with your Power Pod - Your homebase and smaller mastermind group (you will meet weekly or every other week)  

We’ll consider:  

  • Where you are in your biz  
  • Where you are in the world  
  • Your biz industry 

I get so excited when I get to learn more about you and what you’re about. When you join, there’s a Getting to Know You guide so that (I can learn all about you) we put you in the perrrrrfect group for your Power Pod!

  • Power Pod Discussion Guides. Y’all TOLD me that this is something you needed. You’ll know exactly what to discuss so you can create accountability and authentic connections 
  • Facilitated mixing and mingling. My super power is to be able to connect people to appropriate opportunities and other people. We’ll have lots of time to connect with other members of the Social Glue Sessions who aren’t in your Power Pod.  
  • Connecting with my favorite experts. Q+A with people who I’ve connected with (or interviewed on the Creative Empire Podcast)
  • Opportunity to work with Reina 1:1. (I don’t otherwise offer 1:1 sessions less than 4 hours). This is something you can add and pay for any time during the 3 months, as long as we have room in the calendar!  

Who is Reina?

Reina Pomeroy is the Owner and Founder of Reina + Co, the Life + Biz Success Coaching® Practice for creatives who are right brained and heart centered. She helps clients stop spinning their wheels and take action on what’s most important. She’s a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with over 1,500 hours of coaching under her belt. Reina also co-hosts the Creative Empire Podcast where she interviews leaders in the creative industry. She’s based in Washington DC but her clients and creative entrepreneur community live all over the globe. You can find Reina’s work featured on Entrepreneur on Fire,, Brit + Co, The Huffington Post, Honeybook, The Rising Tide Society and Best Friends for Frosting. She also travels around the country speaking and educating creative entrepreneurs.  

About the Call

All the BRAVO calls will be recorded! If you can only join us for one hour, join us for the first hour or as much as possible. Our calls will be:  


All Power Pod calls will be scheduled according to what you and your pod agree on. If you can’t find a time that works for you, we’ll be sure to find a group that can accommodate your desired time. We’re recommending groups get together every week or every other week to make the most of the time together.  

Others' Gluey Journeys

"SGS has helped me to get feedback, deeper insight, brainstorming, fun, and the ability to use my skills while helping fellow glueys! The training and accountability aspect was great, and investing the time helped me to stay focused and serious about moving things forward instead of holding back."

- Vanessa Shepherd of Social Stampers 

"SGS has given me new connections, reassurance I’m not alone, confidence to pursue my dream business, accountability and tips to actually get to work and a community of warm hearts to interact with!"

- Ashley Takacs of A. Taks Crafts

"Since starting SGS I've had lots of referrals, feedback and more clarity from a close knit circle of creative women supporting each other. Joining SGS was one of the best things I did for my business. "

- Marva Goss of Marva J. Coaching Co. 

  The SGSessions Investment 

We created this because you asked for it. Cozy. Connected. Accountability. Support. It’s all here.  

I wanted to make an affordable option to work together!  

You can join up and become a Gluey for just $400 (or 3 payments of $150). Yep, seriously.  

Even more Gluey Journeys

"I know that after this is over, I will have a ton of people that I can turn to. Plus my power pod is amazing, we've helped each other so much. Not only in keeping me accountable, but to help with coming up with new ideas, new ways of saying our rockstar statement, and just building up in general."

- Elise Luddy of The Aisle Agency 

"Reina is such an amazing connector. The whole group has been extremely giving in their knowledge and encouragement. You get the best of both worlds with a small Powerpod and the group as a whole. Plus so much value from Reina in our monthly Bravo calls (like serious value/action)"

- Mariah Gallagher Tomkinson of Mariah - Bloom Hustle Grow

"SGS has helped me make new friends & connections with other women in business—providing mutual accountability, thoughtful discussions, opportunities for feedback on our work, and cheerleaders for each other's wins! Plus all the bonus trainings have been awesome!"

- Christi Cooper of Christi Cooper Design & Digital Marketing 

Who is this for?  

  This is for the boss who is tired of not seeing results.  

This is for the boss who is ready to work hard AND smart.  

This is for the boss who is sick of feeling like she’s the only one not part of a mastermind.  

This is for the boss who believes in the power of intentional connection and wants to see it as a way to run her business.  

This is for you if you’re ready to show up in a bigger way, with the right support, with a community who can be your tribe. GAME ON.  

* By choosing this option, you’re agreeing to paying on time each month (because that’s fair) or you’ll be removed from the group.